5 benefits of retargeting for your Brand Awareness and Sales growth

Why is Brand Awareness Important?
Brand awareness or brand recognition is important as it's the first step in the marketing funnel and it's the foundation of your business no matter if it's online or offline. There are multiple reasons why it's important. To start, brand awareness helps keep your brand in the minds of the audience and follow them around wherever they go. If your customers are familiar with your brand and get comfortable with it then, they are most likely to purchase your product. Thus, increase sales for your business.

Brand recognition helps you achieve a wide range of your business objectives and goals. For example, it will help sell online, increase website traffic, build brand affinity and cultivate leads for you.
Marketers today know that they need to build brand recognition if they want their product to succeed and it has been set as a top goal for B2C and B2B marketing for many years now.
1. Build brand recognition:
Retargeting is an essential part of any digital marketing campaign today as it helps you connect with users who left your website without making a conversion as well as boost brand recognition / brand awareness or brand recall. It also encourages your previous customers who have already made a purchase to come back and purchase once more. In summary, retargeting is the best way to sell online as it's an essential part of anyone's sales strategy in modern and successful business.
2. Your second try to make an impression on the customer:
As you all probably know that most people don't always convert on the first visit to your website and simply "bounce back" to wherever they came from. Some might think that they are not at that point yet when they are ready to make the purchase but you must always consider other options as well. A phone call may have distracted some of them or maybe they are shopping around the mall etc. The point here is that you should always try to pursue them to return and reconsider.

Another important reason for site low conversion rate may have something to do with the product you offer or lack of details for the given product. In such case you can retarget your visitors with additional information on the item they've been looking for.
3. Cross-selling options:
Most companies globally sell more than one product online. There are of course exceptions like service companies but overall most tend to sell or offer more than one product. In order to sell online and stimulate your sales growth you may retarget your previous customers with ads for a similar product that they have purchased before. One of such examples can be clothing items, as customers tend to purchase a new pair of shoes every season or automobile items as cars tend to brake etc.
4. Point of contact:
Most of you have heard that it takes 5-8 points of contact before a user converts into a lead. Thus, if your customers have interacted with your ad before and interact with them repeatedly then all of your retargeting or remarketing efforts create multiple points of contact, which serve to enhance your brand awareness and overall trust.
5. Select your audience:
Regular display ads or banner ads you are limited as you cannot select who can see your ads, but with retargeting ads you gain much more control over your retargeting efforts. Your campaigns can be set up to target only a certain audience, which viewed only specific pages on your website. These users are then retargeted with specific online ads that relate to the page they have visited.
Roman Pilipenko
Marketing manager of Meazy
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