Future trends of paid advertising

There's a common trend worldwide which leads to ad spend increase every year and projections suggest that it will even surpass traditional advertising in the nearest future.

It is proven fact that customers are more likely to spot your ads online than anywhere else. Recent studies show that 2018 was the turning point in the industry as it was the first time that customers spend more time online than in any other media out there, thus we can say that paid advertising will grant us access to a wider audience of customers worldwide.
Artificial Intelligence and Automation
Marketers and regular folks with 0 knowledge in marketing have access to more data than ever before but between an enormous amounts of data and unpredictable nature of human behavior it's almost impossible to control and manage advertising campaigns simultaneously. This is why big giants Google and Facebook use AI to serve highly targeted advertisements to users based on their previous search history or overall interests. They tend to incorporate AI in the process as much as possible to make your advertising efforts more easy and effective. Learning how to handle these tools will help you improve the performance results and leads to higher numbers.
Voice Search
Voice search has been trending for some time as now as people are trying to predict how digital assistance such as Siri (Apple) or Ok, Google (Google) will affect marketing industry. Recent studies show that millions of users in the US alone already own a smart speaker and it is reshaping the way people interact with brands or products. Even though people aren't shopping online with voice assistance just yet but they are searching for items. Shopping searches with Alexa or Google have been on the rise and more than one out of 5 smart speaker users have researched or purchased an item via shopping voice commands.
Retargeting Ads / Remarketing
There is no doubt that retargeting is the most effective type of online ads today. You may learn what are retargeting ads and what exactly is the difference between retargeting, retargeting ads and remarketing, email remarketing in our previous blog.

The effectiveness of retargeting ads today is the exact reason why you cannot escape those shiny sneakers that you have searched for last few weeks or so as they seem to follow you wherever you go. Every time a user visits your website or interacts with it one-way or another he is considered interested in your products. It does not matter if they bought it or not as they can do it later on. This is where retargeting is important as it works as a reminder for the customers and pursues them to complete the purchase. It follows them wherever they go and across devices and across the web overhaul. With the current trend on personalization, it makes sense to use retargeting/remarketing in your marketing strategy as you are using your own data to serve users who already showed interest in the product that you provide.
In conclusion, if you wish to start your first retargeting campaign than Meazy is the right way to do it. All you need to do is simply connect your store to the platform and choose one of our recommended strategies, Meazy will do the rest. All our strategies are tailored to deliver the highest ROIs and bring additional revenue to your store. Once launched you can easily keep track of your ad metrics and view the orders you've gained through your retargeting campaign.
Roman Pilipenko
Marketing manager of Meazy
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