How to set and achieve your marketing goals in 2020

Getting to know the basics of marketing will help you better understand your website's performance and identify new goals to pursue.

How do you identify the success of your online business? It all comes down to your business type and business size as success may look way different for both of these options. If you're just getting started with eCommerce and your store needs familiarity with the customer base building brand awareness is the way to do it, or if you are a well-established business with years of presence on the market then Reengaging past visitors is the key to improving your business growth.

Today we will overlook 4 most common business goals that are achieved with the help of Programmatic Advertising that powers retargeting and navigate you towards the strategies that will help you achieve desired goals.
Lead Generation
In a nutshell, lead generation refers to the process of finding potential customers for your business's products or services. The most efficient way of acquiring new leads can be done by using a promotion such as a bonus code that is usually granted for filling out a form with contact details.

Another great way of using promotions is by informing your userbase of major discounts on products they've shown interest in. Promote discounted products is the strategy that does just that!

Additionally, you may try out Convert window-shoppers strategy to convert visitors who scrolled through without taking a closer look and improve your marketing reach.
Driving Sales
As in any eCommerce business driving sales is the key to its success and knowing how to drive sales is essential to stay profitable.

Forrester Research reports that on average only 3% of shoppers make a purchase during their first visit to an online store. Of the remaining 97%, 71% place an item in their shopping cart but end up abandoning.

Such visitors are the easiest to convert as they are at the end of the sales funnel, meaning you can retarget them with ease with Reduce abandoned carts strategy!

Customers who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert on the advertiser's website than those that haven't.
Increase Brand Awareness
If you are a startup or on the early stages of business development building brand recognition is essential in establishing brand familiarity and trust in your brand name.
Here are some branding statistics to back that claim: a consistent presentation of a brand has been seen to increase revenue by 33% (Lucidpress, 2019). Another survey shows that 81% of consumers said that they need to be able to trust the brand before they buy from them (Edelman, 2019)

Increase brand awareness will help you build up your reputation and establish your brand as a trustworthy service.

Customer Retention
This is one of the most commonly used goals by marketers that is focused on re-engaging past visitors who scrolled through without taking any further actions. Such visitors can be reached with Reengage past visitors strategy and pursue them to review what your store has to offer. Additionally, you may try out Showcase your advantages strategy to focus on your strong points for better customer retention.
In conclusion
Over the years marketers have found numerous ways of achieving these goals but to this day programmatic (retargeting) is credited as #1 method of doing so fast & effectively. With programmatic we are able to segment any audience group based on dozens of criteria such as device type, location, age, interests, as well as create a lookalike audience that will expand upon your current audience and gather a new one that will purchase your products or services. Programmatic advertising can target your potential customers wherever they are, across all kinds of websites, different devices, or even countries.

Let's look at some of the survey statistics from Marketingdive, 2020

  • Sixty-six percent of marketers expect that their programmatic advertising budgets will increase in the coming months, according to a new study from Ascend2 shared with Marketing Dive. "The State of Programmatic Advertising" report is based on survey conducted the week of May 4, 2020 that had 264 respondents.
  • Audience targeting was named the most effective tactic by 73% of respondents when queried about how to drive positive results from programmatic ads. Keyword targeting was named by 41%, retargeting by 27%, contextual targeting by 26% and geo-targeting by 22%

With all said above, we hope this article will help you determine what goals you want to achieve and how to pursue them. Let us know what you think in the comments below and feel free to message us anytime if you need any help or assistance!
Roman Pilipenko
Marketing manager of Meazy
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