Meazy Platform Update

This week is special for all of us at Meazy as our team is ready to release a major Meazy update to the public. This release was built with feedback from our loyal customers in mind who help us make Meazy better and become who we are today. We have a ton of new tweaks & features as well as 4 new strategies and so much more!

In this blog, we will highlight some of them in greater detail and let you know how you can benefit from them!
New Strategies
We have 4 new strategies added!

Convert window-shoppers
Showcase your best selling products to shoppers who've only scrolled your main or category page without taking a closer look!

Promote discounted products
Promote your discounted products to visitors that interested in them!

Reengage past visitors
Invite your past visitors to come back via appealing banner ads

Showcase your advantages
Highlight your key advantages to your target audience with custom-tailored ads!
Instant retargeting
From now you can launch your first retargeting strategy immediately after integration of your e-store with Meazy and target 35% of your top-rated potential shoppers who are most likely to purchase on the website. Meazy smart retargeting automatically segments your audience based on their interests, demographics, GEO, etc. and you can expect to see your first results within days after launch!

Overall effectiveness of such a campaign is also highly dependent on the amount of traffic your e-store receives monthly meaning the more traffic you have – the better are the results.
You will have more and more strategies unlocked in your dashboard overtime as Meazy unlocks new strategies based on your e-store data and predicts its impact on your website's performance.
Audience insights
Each strategy will gather valuable insights on how many of your website visitors fit the criteria of that specific strategy needed for retargeting and how likely are they to purchase on your website. Additionally, you will be informed what websites are used for your display ads!
Once you install Meazy add-on it will collect valuable data such as what pages each user visits, for how long does he/she browse your products, if he/she added an item to cart, and many more. Once this data is stored it is processed to see if it matches a certain pattern which usually leads to a conversion. Each pattern is unique and is applied to each strategy individually with multiple variations that lead to a desired action on the website. Based on such data Meazy can evaluate your audience within each retargeting strategy.
Revised banner approach
Our latest update offers numerous variations of banners that are visually appealing and are highly clickable. This database of banners will be updated regularly and you will be informed which banner type works the best for your product line. Additionally, discounts and reviews of your products are now also supported.
Animated banners are now also available! From now an individual animated banner with multiple products looks like an actual shop window!

Responsive banner ads that are highly interactable are now present in Meazy Platform Update. Such banners are ideal for multiple variations of the same product such as clothing with numerous sizes and color options. Banners react to hover and shoppers can scroll within the banner itself!
Dynamic bidding
Meazy smart retargeting system has been improved with numerous tweaks made to its core algorithm that will make your display ads cheaper and improve user reach. Each strategy will bid differently based on the goal of the strategy and user intent, meaning if a visitor is moments away from a conversion Meazy smart retargeting will significantly increase bid amount for an impression targeted at that specific visitor.
Integration with CMS
- From now labels on your products such as discounts, new items, etc. will be visible on your banner ads as well!
- If a product is out of stock it will be no longer present on the banner ad, thus saving you extra funds for your next campaign!

- Your banner ads adjust to any changes in your product line in real-time, thus if you change the image or the price of the product it will reflect on the banner ads instantly!

- Once an item gets a discount Meazy will automatically show a side-by-side comparison!
These are only some of the features that are now available in our latest update and we can't wait to hear your feedback!
Roman Pilipenko
Marketing manager of Meazy
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